Instant Hedges

Instant Hedges instantly define a boundary. Depending on the type and size of Hedge chosen they can provide instant privacy, shelter, reduce noise and help deter unwanted visitors. Instant Hedges provide natural habitats for birds and other wildlife and provide an interesting visual impact throughout the year.

Instant Hedges are evergreen or deciduous shrubs grown and pruned specifically for use in hedging, and depending on the type, can be planted at heights up to 2 metres tall in formal or informal planting. A formal hedges has individual plants merge together to produce a uniform screen whilst informal hedging has individual plants more clearly visible. Formal hedges need more regular clipping but provide a more substantial boundary.

Hornbeam, Beech, Hawthorn, Holly, Privet, Yew, Cherry Laurel and Portuguese Laurel are examples of plants that can be used for formal hedges. Berberis, Escallonia, Pyracantha, Shrub Roses and some floribunda roses, Cotoneaster and some Spiraea can be used for informal hedges. Lower growing ornamental hedges may be formed of Box, Rosemary, Lavender, and Crimson Dwarf Prunus.

Instant hedges may be used as screens. Screens are usually grown taller than a hedge to protect a garden or property from an unpleasant view, noise or strong winds.

For screens we choose dense, evergreen and quick growing shrubs.

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Fence Repair - Hethersett

Fencing Repair

Thank you for doing the work so quickly to repair our fence after the high winds. You did a great job and cleared up afterwards

Association of Professional Landscapers Best UK Garden Design and Build Commended Award 2015

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